Monday, March 25, 2013

Week 13

Buenos Dias!

Hey everyone! How are you all? I've been doing well, getting used to training a sister fresh from the MTC. We get by except for that one time that I couldn't understand anything this one lady was saying. In my defense she was old and Dominican! It's really hard to understand them. But other than that we are doing well. I don't really have much new stuff to share. It was the first time at church for one of our investigators yesterday! He has been progressing so much! The first time I saw him, he wouldn't even pray with us. But now he is reading the book of mormon and prays with us (he still wont say it though) and yesterday he took the sacrament. It was very cool to see. He is in a part member family who is less active so it also got all of them there too. We are still working on getting theresa baptized, but she is doing great and still not smoking! I love hearing her pray, it really is a conversation with her Heavenly Father. There is so much work to do here with less actives and we have been trying to get the branch more involved in reactivating them. In Preach My Gospel it actually says that less actives are the responsibility of the branch, but right now the members don't understand that. They just tell us hey I have a less active for you to go visit. That is not how it works! They need a friend that can help them progress in the church. There is a reason why we have home teaching and visiting teaching, to take care of everyone, not just temporally but spiritually also. In Utah it may not see as important but everyone has spiritual needs, everyone still needs to progress and come closer to Christ. So the moral of the story is do your visiting teaching. :D Well I'd better get going but I love you all! 
Les quiero mucho! 

Con Amor y un embraso fuerte,
Hermana Jacobsen

oh and by the way yesterday was my 5 month mark! I can't believe how fast time has gone!

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