Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Week 8 (email sent 2/20)


Como estan? So I wrote down things all week to write to you guys in a little notebook so I could remember and it's in my backpack, which is in the car... So I will try and remember. Monday was another holiday so the library was closed again. It's so hard to find another time during the week to do emails. Monday's really are so important, if you don't get something done then you wont have to do it another time. We had zone conference yesterday where there were 3 zones all together and spent most of the day in more trainings from the mission presidency. It was really good, I always love hearing from President Packard, and we also got to hear from President Christensen who wrote that book about member missionary work.

So we've had this investigator who is married to a member and wants to get baptized but she needs to quit smoking first. That has been a real struggle for her. She has the desire but she has been smoking for like 40 years and her son smokes so every time she quits it doesn't last very long because her son is sitting there smoking in front of her. We have talked to him about helping her and he doesn't seem very optimistic about her quitting. She has just been through the ringer the past couple months. First of all she can't see very well (which doesn't help with keeping her reading the scriptures) so she has been trying to get a surgery done to fix her sight, and she wants to do that before she gets baptized because she wants to be able to see everything. But every time she has an appointment for her surgery, she ends up sick in the hospital. She has had all sorts of sickness the past few months. And she has been depressed and not wanting to see anyone, which makes her smoke. We would be the only people she would see during the week except for her family. Her husband has been loving, but it's also not very good because he does everything for her so she doesn't have to and that doesn't help her depression. Well right now her husband is in the hospital in Boston, he had a swollen knee and it became septic, so he will be there for a few weeks. She is in the hospital in Salem because she has gall stones. The funny thing is that she got her gall bladder out 34 years ago, so there was one that developed in one of the ducts, which is very rare. Even though they are both in the hospital there are 2 blessings that come from it. 1) her husband can't pamper her 2) she isn't smoking. She is going to have to reschedule her surgery for her eyes because of course it was supposed to be this week. And hopefully we can help keep her from smoking when she gets home. Satan is working very hard to keep her from getting baptized. Not just her too there is supposed to be another storm this weekend, not as bad but still might cause us to reschedule stacy's and jose antonio's baptisms again. Pray for us!
Well I need to get going we have to get to an appointment but I love you all. Thanks for all your prayers, I get strength from them every day! 

Hermana Jacobsen

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