Wednesday, November 7, 2012

First Week at the MTC

Hi everyone!

 I survived my first week at the MTC and it's finally my first Prep Day. Yay. I think I'm going to take a nap after this haha. I don't have a problem with getting up. I just have a problem with staying awake during class and personal study in the morning. I try my very hardest though. One time during personal study I stood up because my head started bobbing, but I had to sit back down because I was still falling asleep standing up and I was about to drop my scriptures haha. Another time I fell asleep while writing in my study journal. I will have to send a pic of it to you because it's funny that you can see my handwriting go from good (well good for me) to bad, and then to squiggles. But I am now getting used to the schedule and it isn't as bad anymore.

The spirit here is so awesome and everyone is so happy all the time. I have a great district (my class) of 3 Elders and 7 Hermanas! Our branch president said it's the first time he has seen more Hermanas than Elders in a district. Everyone is pretty great and such good examples to me. The 3 Elders are going to McAllen TX, 2 Hermanas are going to Houston TX, and 3 Hermanas going to Spain. My companion Hermana Judd is going to McAllen TX with the Elders. She is a cute little Korean girl from Washington and we get along great. She is a little quiet like I am so it has forced me to speak up more. Me and another sister in my class are the only ones who have never taken any spanish before, so at first I felt like I had a lot of catching up to do. We have a sister from Switzerland and another from Norway, and they are picking up the spanish real quick because they already know like 3 languages. It's is amazing how much Spanish I have learned in just one week though. I have already taught 5 lessons with an "investigator" in Spanish. I have learned a lot about the gift of tongues. It doesn't mean that I will learn the language faster or easier, it is still hours of hard work. But I do the best I can and the Spirit makes up for the rest. I know about as much Spanish as I do Greek now, so imagine trying to teach someone about God and The Book of Mormon with just that much vocabulary. Somehow it still works. I can understand what she is saying to me through what I feel, and she can feel it to. We asked her yesterday if she would get baptized and she said yes but she would like to read more of the Book of Mormon before she did. She's actually just a employee of the MTC though.

 I have really enjoyed all your hand written letters  and the ones through Please keep sending those because I only get 1/2 hr on the computer every thursday. Love you lots!

Con Amor,
Hermana Jacobsen