Monday, March 18, 2013

Week 12

Hello Everyone!

Well today is my first day of transfer 3 here in Lynn. My companion/trainer went home on friday and that is like the most depressing thing ever, I miss her a lot. But my new companion Sister Brown is really nice and I'm sure we will get along just fine. She is a little quiet like me though. I can't believe I am already training a greeny fresh from the MTC. Her Spanish is a lot better than mine when I first got out here though and that helps a lot. I'm surprised how much I can actually understand without Sister Lopez there helping me out. Theresa's baptism date got pushed back again to the 7th of April because even though her husband is at home, he can't leave the house for a couple weeks. But she is still doing really well and not smoking (knock on wood). We have another baptism date for the most awesome 12 year old boy ever! His name is Jeffrey and he is the son of a less active and one day he just told his mom that they were going to go to church and that he wanted to get baptized! He is such a good kid and an great example to everyone around him. His date is set for April 28. Elder Ballard came and spoke to us on saturday. I shook an apostle's hand! His words were very encouraging. He was with Elder Eyring (from the 70) and Elder Christensen (also from the 70). There were some missionaries from the New Hampshire mission there too. It was really weird because one of them was someone I went to elementary school with. haha I didn't even know he was out there. Well I love you all and hope you have a great week! 

Con Amor,
Hermana Jacobsen 

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