Saturday, December 8, 2012

Week 6

Hello Everyone!
How are you all doing? Well I have officially been on my mission for 6 weeks so this is week 7! I can't believe how fast time goes. We are now the oldest district in our zone! We got a fresh batch of 10 Elders yesterday. I wonder if I looked that dazed and confused on my first day too haha. I was in their welcome meeting since I'm the coordinating sister for the zone, and I get to take them on a tour of the MTC tonight. My district leader just told me that he got my travel plans but he doesn't have them with him, so I haven't looked at it yet. Maybe I'll write you a quick letter tonight when I look at it. 
Guess who I met the other day! Sister Emily Jacobsen! ya there are 2 of us! I got one of her DearElder letters and the first line said how was your first day, and I was like ummmm I've been here for 6 weeks. I found her in the book store and told here that there were 2 of us. She is just english speaking so we leave the same day! So if you can, make sure it's box #210 when you send my letters! 
We had to move classrooms because before it was just on the bottom floor of the same building my residence hall is, but now they are turning all those classrooms into residences so all 4 floors of that building will be sisters' residence halls! There are a lot of changes happening here. I get to host next wednesday, so i get to take new missionaries around when they get in. I'm excited for that. I feel like a veteran now haha. 
The spanish is still coming along. I can understand everything my teachers say, but when I go to TRC and talk with a native it's a bit harder to understand. I ran in to a sister who served with sheila, Sister Rincon from Colombia, she was a volunteer in TRC and I tought her. She speaks really fast though so I probably looked clueless the whole time.
Well I hope you are all doing well! I love hearing from you! Love you!

Con Amor,
Hermana Jacobsen

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