Saturday, December 8, 2012

Week 4 - Happy Thanksgiving!

Hola Familia!

I'm doing laundry right now. We had to do it tonight because of thanksgiving tomorrow. It was either do it tonight or at 5:30am tomorrow, so I'm happy that we decided at the last minute to do it now. :D Tomorrow morning we have a devotional with an apostle. We don't know who it is until it starts for security purposes but there is a rumor that it will be Elder Holland :D That would be awesome, I'm excited! We also eat our big meal at noon tomorrow and then make a sack dinner for later. And we are also doing a humanitarian project tomorrow. I think we are sending medical supplies to Africa. 
So I got better this week at writing down what I wanted to tell you guys so I wouldn't forget when I got here, yay! I learned the other day that China might open up soon for missionaries! There are people with mission calls that say Taiwan until China is open. Crazy huh? No one can stop the work from progressing. I got called as the coordinating sister for my zone this week. I pretty much need to make sure all the the sisters in my zone are taken care of, and the only sisters in our zone is the 5 of us from my district. We all get along really well so I haven't had to sort any of that out yet. I do have to tell a sister that her skirt is too short tonight though :/ wish me luck!
I had a cool experience in TRC a couple weeks ago that I forgot to tell you about. TRC is where you practice teaching members as themselves in Spanish. The first week we had it we taught this 19 year old girl going to BYU. In the middle of us teaching we randomly started talking about why we decided to go on a mission. I thought we had just got off task and started chatting. The next week we were paired up with that same girl again and she told us that we gave her the answer she needed to decide to go on a mission and she has already started her papers! It was an awesome feeling to actually have an impact on a real person instead of someone pretending to be an investigator. I sometimes you don't know why the spirit leads you in a certain way, but trust that God does know why. 
Oh I figured out like 3 weeks in that my district leader, Elder Grant, is the McKinnon's nephew that they told me to look for haha. Ok I didn't actually figure it out, one day at lunch he was talking to an Elder who went to Lone Peak (I didn't know him) and asked him if he knew James McKinnon. I was like how do YOU know James? And he was like he's my cousin. And then I remembered the McKinnons telling me that their nephew was going in the same day as me spanish speaking. Yup he's in my district and used to me the district leader until he got released on sunday. 

hmmmmm I think that is all that I wanted to tell you. Love you all!

con amor,
Hermana Jacobsen

Romans 5:12, 18
Helaman 14:15-18

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