Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 30 - Happy Birthday Sister Jacobsen!!

Hello Everyone!

Sorry it's been a while since I've sent out a group email. Things have just been crazy over here. My companion left for Argentina mid-transfer so then we had to combine 2 companionships into 1. I had to move to summerville which is outside of our zone and take the train for about an hour every day into our area. Now that it's a new transfer we are back in roslindale, but we still only have 1 sister companionship in our spanish group so we have 2x as much work as we used to. It's been good though. 

Yesterday something really cool happened. One of our investigators hasn't been answering our phone calls for a while and we were worried if something happened and she wasn't interested anymore. Yesterday we got a text from her saying sorry it's been a while but her mom was in the hospital and almost died. She has still been reading and the other night she was praying and she felt something that she has never felt before and she started crying and felt like everything was going to be ok. It was so awesome to hear that from her, I'm so excited for her progress.

I can't believe that this wednesday will be my halfway mark! Crazy huh? It's gone by soooo fast. I hope I am becoming the person that Heavenly Father wants me to be.

The other day I was reading in my patriarchal blessing and it mentions how I will fill the hearts of the children with obedience, and I realized that every baptism that I've had so far has been someone 12 or younger. It's cool to see how different things tie into different people's blessings. 

So today we are going downtown to get some ice cream and then some shopping! I probably won't buy anything, I already have too much stuff. Then tonight some members are taking us to olive garden. I'm really excited about that. I haven't had olive garden since we went after I went through the temple. I am so excited! oh I already said that haha. I was very lucky that my birthday fell on a p-day. Well I love you all and hope all is well. Thanks for the letters and the stuff you sent me! I want to send pics but the computers are slow. Maybe I'll print them and mail them home. Have a good week!

Hna Jacobsen

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