Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 23


¿Cómo esta todo? It is my last day in my first area, Lynn MA. I am getting transferred to Boston tomorrow. I'm sad to leave Lynn but excited to be in a new area. The only thing is that I will be in a walking area for the summer. That will be an adventure. Wasn't sheila in a biking area in the summer of her mission? I hope the public transportation has air conditioning. There was a heat wave this week, in the 90's and humid and I cant imagine walking in that, but I won't have to imagine for very long I suppose. 

This week has been interesting. There have been people we have gone to visit that have had either the police or the fire department there when we got there (luckily it was nothing serious), I found out I'm getting transferred, I locked the keys in our car, and I lost my wallet. Always an adventure in Lynn MA. I don't know my new address yet but if you just send everything to the mission office, it will get sent out to me. 

I love you all, sorry this letter is really short!

Con amor,
Hna Jacobsen

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