Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 24

Hello Everyone!

I am now in my 2nd area, in Boston! It's awesome but there is a loooooooot of walking. I already have blisters on my feet. The good thing is that I think I lost a little weight too haha. Maybe by the end of the transfer I will get back down to normal. I feel like a greeny again at times because I don't know anyone but it will get better. I'm now in an apartment with another companionship of English sisters, which is fun. I didn't like how secluded we were in Lynn. I am now in the Boston 1st spanish group. It isn't even a branch, it's a twig. There were about a total of 50 people in sacrament meeting yesterday. We are hoping to become a branch this year! That will be exciting to see. I am now the 2nd oldest spanish sister in mission age now, so there is only one other spanish sister that has been out longer than me. Crazy! There are so many new sisters coming in, I have lost track of them all. This last transfer we had 20 sisters and 1 elder come in. I think back to my transfer where I was the only sister and it just blows my mind. Great things are happening!

Love you all!
Hna Jacobsen

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