Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 26

Hello everyone! 

I am loving Boston! Even though it is 95 and HUMID and I'm walking, and I sweat like a pig, which is embarrassing because my companion doesn't sweat at all. So I just look like this freak of nature. My backpack adds to this issue also. Oh and there is no air conditioning either, just those little ones you stick in the window. The hispanics will just have their windows open and it's like springtime weather for them. This is not me complaining, don't get me wrong. What doesn't kill me makes me stronger haha. I am staying hydrated though and the buses have pretty good air conditioning. 

Living in the city is very interesting. There are so many different kinds of people here. There was a guy walking down the street with a gigantic snake around his body, like it was just a piece of jewelry. When you go up to someone, you don't really know what language they speak. It could be english, spanish, portuguese, haitian or some other random language. Which makes street contacting in between appointments kind of interesting. 

Yesterday something interesting happened. We got a referral from a member but they didn't want the person to know that they sent us. So we went over there and our door approach was pretty much we were sent here by the Lord to bless your home and family. That is really big with hispanics. The teenage boy that answered the door paused for what seemed like an eternity and then said........ ya ok and let us in. We found out that they were not the people we were looking for because they just moved in. We blessed their house and family and they told us that they were looking for a church to go to and that we could come back on friday! I don't know where the people we were planning to see moved to but I know that we were supposed to meet this family. 

Well I've got to go but I love you all and hope all is well. 

Con amor,
Hna Jacobsen

p.s. You should watch the broadcast from sunday! It was amazing! There are great things happening in gathering Israel :D

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