Sunday, January 27, 2013

Boston Week 4

Hola familia mia!

como estan todo? We haven't really had much contact with the people I told you about last week but I will let you know! It has gotten so cold here! Our car said it was 9 degrees today but it is windy so it feels a lot colder. I have these leggings that I wear that are fleece on the inside that are really warm. I wear my gray boots everyday, I need to get some more. Today we have interviews with President. He has been telling us about some really exciting things that are happening here soon. There are a bunch of sisters coming in this next transfer, there are more english sisters coming in than we have english sisters to train. So i might be training soon ahhhh! They are also opening an area on Nantucket, they don't have enough members for even a branch yet so they are called a group. He said they are sending some sisters over there soon. I think he said there will be 8 new areas in the mission. He also said that our branch might call us into the relief society or young women's presidencies. But President seemed really excited to interview me, so it makes me wonder what he is going to tell me.

Did you guys get my package? I bought those stickers from the MTC for the little girls. It says "I am a child of God" this is how you pronounce it. Ready? soy (as in sauce) OOna EEha day dee Ohs. The capital letters is where the emphasis is. There you go, now you know some spanish! Almost as much as I do, haha just kidding. We were in walmart the other day and I was looking down at all the signs for the isles but I could only see the spanish parts of them and I was like aww man but then I remembered that I knew what a lot of those things were. And I was able to find the isle with pan (bread). Oh ya so the other day we went into a small sandwich shop and I was excited when it said they had sovlaki (greek food). So when I asked the lady if she could put fries in mine she gave me that same crazy look that I always get so I explained that when I lived in Athens for a month that's the way they did it. Come to find out she is Greek too, from Sparti. I told her that I was half Greek from my mom and she was like but she's Mormon? but we're Greek Orthodox, Greeks aren't Mormons. How did that happen? So i told her that my mom was adopted from Greece into a Mormon family and then found her biological family later, but she was baptized in the orthodox church when she was a baby. And she was like but she was re-baptized Mormon? It was really funny because I had just told my companion that it was a concept that they didn't understand, and then she got to witness it. haha I love greek people. Well anyway I should get going pero les quiero mucho!

Con Amor,
Hermana Jacobsen

p.s.  no one in the spanish branch can say my name. It's really fun to watch them try haha. I'm Hermana ha....ha.....hacOb....sen.

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