Sunday, January 27, 2013

Boston Week 2

Hello Everyone! 

I finally have a normal p-day! Today I think we are going to the aquarium. This week has been awesome! We have another baptismal date! It's a 9 year old girl named Stacy. We originally went over to teach her mom who is a less active and we ended up teaching Stacy, which has been bringing the whole family back into the church. Her mom came to sacrament yesterday. We are working on getting her to get a new job so she doesn't have to work sundays. That is the problem with a lot of these less actives here. One of our investigators is the sister of the branch president's wife visiting from guatemala. Her teaching record is the first one with my name on it! She is so awesome, I love her so much but she is going back to guatemala on friday. I know she is going to get baptized sometime, I just wish I could be there. She gave me her email address though so I will be able to see how she is doing. I got to go to a temple sealing this week! It was so cool! It was a family with 2 little girls so I got to imagine when Ang and Jeff got sealed. Even with a GPS to follow, I still get lost. The roads here are so crazy! There is this one roundabout that is 2 lanes and has stop lights in it because there are 2 lanes running through the middle of it. It's always an adventure. It makes me appreciate the roads of Utah haha. Well I love you tons! 

Con Amor,
Hermana Jacobsen

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