Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Week 59

Hello Everyone! 

Sorry it has been a while since I have sent out an email to all of you. Computer time becomes really short sometimes. Live has been good here in Providence RI. I am just finishing up the training of my newest child Sister Skabelund. She is great and a wonderful missionary. In fact she is so good that she is getting a new missionary to train TONIGHT. Which means that I am getting transferred. Transfer meeting was supposed to be tomorrow but there is another snow storm coming (of course) so they texted us this morning and told us that transfer meeting changed to tonight! I have a lot of packing to do! I am going to be transferred to Revere, MA. That is really close to my first area! It's actually in the same zone! I will "die" close to where I was "born" :D I'm really excited! 

President Packard called me on saturday and asked me to be a Sister Training Leader. It's a new calling for sisters that the church started this last year. It is basically a zone leader but for sisters. We spend 50% of our time in our areas and the other 50% helping the sisters you are assigned to, with training them, going on exchanges, ect. I am super nervous, but really excited to serve other sisters. Pray for me! I'm a little sad though because I am going to learn all this awesome stuff and then I will go home. But that is the way the Lord wanted it. I am sad to leave providence, there are a lot of awesome people out here, but I know I will come back to see them. And I trust that sister skabelund will do an awesome job with them. 

We met this girl last week and let me tell you, she is one of the most prepared people to hear the gospel that I have ever met. She just moved here from Columbia, and the Lords really was the one who brought her here. She understands so well what we teach her and is able to listen to and recognize the spirit. She loves going to church and eagerly accepted a baptismal date for the 23 of march :D. I'm sad I won't be here for it, but I am super excited for her. 

Another person we have been working with has struggled with drinking every day. She has not had a drink in over a week! Her countenance is so much brighter and she is so much happier! She was able to come to church, because she wasn't hung over, and she loved it! She is preparing to get baptized with her son on the 30 of march. I love seeing the atonement work in other people's lives and how much it can change them, and how much happier they can be. It is a great thing to see! 

I love you all and I am excited to see you in 12 weeks!

Hermana Jacobsen

They all know I like to get my back scratched. :D

Only in New England...

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  1. Sister Jacobsen we all miss you here in Providence. Hope your doing great much love Hiram