Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week 54 - Pictures

Marianne! I taught her in Boston and I was able to go back for her baptism! I love her, she is the sweetest girl ever!

Best P-day ever!!

This was the snow storm, it wasn't too bad. We went out the next day and shoveled people's driveways. 

The primary party had Santa Clause, we couldn't sit on his lap though.

A lab and boxer mix! He was so cute! 

Christmas Eve at the Calderon's house.

Our elders are goofy.

Christmas day we had dinner at a member's house and played games. I was voted to play the impossible apple eating game.

This is me eating octopus... sooo distustingly chewy.

Snow shoveling at an investigators house after the storm.

We like to make our envelopes all frilly when we have to send in our car reports for the month to the vehicle coordinator. :D

My cute little christmas tree mom sent me! 

The Christmas tree that the YM/YW sent me from the ward!

Another Mouse.... 

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