Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 38

Hi everyone!

Sorry it's been a while since I've sent a group letter, I've been taking up time to send individual letters to people. things are going great here in boston. It is finally cooling off here, so I don't come home too sticky and stinky anymore haha. i love being in the city. We meet crazies every day, it's fun. 1/8 of our church attendance yesterday were non members, it was awesome. I have less than a min left on my computer but I love you and hope you are all doing good. WRITE ME! 

So the computer kicked me off last week before I could hit send. Something I've noticed around here is that people are just not happy. They get bothered by the smallest things. I feel bad for the bus drivers, they always get yelled at. I always think they just need the gospel. It makes me sad when I see how dark the world is and how confused the people are. Their lives can be so much happier if they just open up their hearts to receive the gospel. 

Today we are going to the free mason lodge to take a tour. It will be very interesting because they get all their stuff from the temple of soloman, the same place all of our temple stuff comes from, so there are a lot of similarities. And Joseph Smith was a free mason so I want to see what that was all about.

I don't know why but I have been so exhausted lately. It's probably because I'm getting over a little bit of a cold, and because I am so old in the mission. In a few weeks I will be the sister who's been out the longest. Crazy huh? I cant believe I've been out almost a year! It will be really weird.

Our little spanish group is increasing so much. We have 5 baptismal dates coming up! One girl we are teaching has a date in october. She is funny, she gets distracted really easily and will get up in the middle of the lesson and make us lunch or something. haha or start mopping the floor. She is 26 and she stays at home all day every day taking care of her 94 year old grandmother who has Alzheimer's. It was really funny one time when we were teaching, the grandma was sleeping on the couch and in the middle of my testimony she sat straight up and yelled HELP ME! poor thing had a bad dream but she went right back to sleep.  

A couple weeks ago we got to go to a red sox game! It was awesome even though we lost. 

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