Saturday, September 7, 2013

Week 33

Hey everyone! 

I have an interesting experience to share with you. So yesterday we were walking down the street in Dorchester and there was this lady set up on the sidewalk selling Obama t-shirts. She stopped us and asked what church we were from, when we told her she said oh that's the one Mitt Romney is from. I should have known right there that it was going to end badly. She asked us what we believed and then was asking really weird questions like if we believe in the devil and what role does he play and why do we baptize at 8 and if children are innocent until 8 then why do they need to get baptized. We were trying to explain it to her but she just wasn't getting it and would interrupt to ask another random question. So I pulled out my book of mormon to read from the chapter in moroni that talks about baptizing babies but she wouldn't let me. She went and grabbed her bible and said where in here does it mention the book of mormon? I told her of the verses that talk about there being another record but she wasn't convinced, she said but it doesn't say "the book of mormon" and I was like well no. Then she said so do you believe that the catholic church is all wrong? And we said no they have some of the truth but it is mixed in with man's own opinions. She was like so truth mixed with lies is lies right? I could only say yes. She then turned to my least favorite verse in the bible, only because so many people misinterpret it, the one in revelations that says if you add to this book you will be cursed with the plagues. I tried to tell her that it was only referring to the book of revelations and not the whole bible and that the book of mormon was written before all of that anyway, but she wouldn't have it. She then started yelling at us tell us how evil we were and that we were speading the devil's lies and our whole church is evil and we will answer to God for leading other people towards damnation and that she will see us burning in hell, to which I responded "well, you have a nice day." It made me very sad how confused the Satan can make people and the anger he can put in their hearts. Later I noticed that I didn't really feel the spirit there guiding my words like I normally do, but I realized that there was nothing  that we could have said, even with the spirit, that would have appealed to this lady. She just isn't ready, but I hope that one day she is. 

On a good note, Steven was confirmed yesterday! Yay it was really good, I am so happy for them, his mom is now active and we might start teaching his older siblings. 

Well I love you all. Dont forget to write me!

Hna Jacobsen

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