Monday, April 15, 2013

Week 16 - Boston Marathon

Hello Everyone!

Today was an interesting day. This morning we went to the temple and it was great! I was so happy for the opportunity to go, I haven't been able to go since the day I got here in December. The Boston temple is so pretty! There was a revolutionary war reenactment this morning in Lexington but we didn't go because we would have had to leave at 4 am and that would have destroyed me for the rest of the week. My district leader wants me to tell you all that I was too lazy to get up at 3 am to go to it haha. Anyway, after the temple we decided to hang around and go into boston with a group of other missionaries. We came upon the end of the boston marathon, just a couple blocks from the finish line. We would have kept going closer to the finish line but 2 of the Elders in our group got lost finding bathrooms and we were looking for them for like 30 mins. By the time we finally found them we decided it was about time to start heading back to the T station (the subway) to get back to the stake center in Cambridge. Just when we decided this and started pushing through the crowds and runners who had just finished, we heard 2 explosions and felt the shock wave of it, kind of like how you can feel in your chest a big firework exploding. We looked up and saw smoke just a few blocks away. Everyone stopped and stared for a few seconds and then continued on. No one was completely sure of what exactly happened, I was thinking since there was no one freaking out that maybe they had a few cannons at the finish line or something. So we continued walking, and then we saw a few people sobbing. One of them was running away, and everyone was looking at her like she was crazy. And then the sirens started and that's when I knew for sure that something was wrong. We asked someone who was sobbing what happened and she said that bombs went off at the finish line and they are now clearing everyone out. So we left and followed the throng of solemn people back to the boston commons where the T station is but there were police guarding it say all trains were shut down. I saw police going down into the station with dogs. We decided it was best to just get out of there and start walking to cambridge. We walked a good ways and found that the trains that were above ground and a little bit out of the city were still open so we took that the rest of the way. I have never heard or seen so many cop cars and ambulances before. It seemed like all of them in the whole city came, and surrounding cities. I took this picture of a big line of cop cars speeding past while we were walking. We called the other missionaries and they were all ok. Another group would have been there too but like us, they had 2 elders that had to go to the bathroom and they left. The Lord kept us all safe by working through the bladders of 19 year old boys haha. The mission President told us to stay in for the rest of the night so we are heading home now. I'm alive and thank you all for worrying about me. It was defiantly a memorable experience! I love you all, take care!

Hermana Jacobsen


  1. We are so grateful you're all tucked in under Heavenly Fathers blankets tonight!!