Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 49

Hello family! 

This morning was interesting we were doing our laundry in the basement and we went down to switch our clothes over and and there was water all over the floor. We were like what the? We looked around trying to figure out where it had come from. I noticed that the washer actually drains into a sink right next to it and that there were bubbles in it so it recently drained there. I looked a little closer I saw something stuck in the drain of the sink. Then I realized that it had a little tail and feet sticking out. There was a freaking dead mouse in the drain! I started making gagging sounds and one of the sisters screamed. The landlord came running down to see what was wrong and said that he had some rat poison down there that dries out the mice so it was probably looking for water when the washer started to drain. It was sooo gross. We have caught 3 more up in our apartment over the past couple weeks. Always an adventure. 

Last night as I was falling asleep I was thinking about the different ways I have changed on my mission. When I first came out I was afraid to change, I liked the person I was and I didn't want to change that. I realized last night that I still am the same person, just a better version of myself. I could go on and list all the ways I have become better but that would take quite a while. But what I realized is that I am unique and God needs ME in this place at this time and he has just been making me more like him but keeping me as me. I don't know if that makes any sense. 

We had a great thanksgiving at a member's house. We had turkey and rolls and potato salad. We had to explain to them what thanksgiving was because they never celebrate it. And then we went around the table saying what we were thankful for. Earlier that day we stopped by an other member's house and all their family was over there. I felt so much like I was at home, they are just as crazy as we are haha. Love you Solanchi ;) 

Well I hope you all had a great thanksgiving too! Any crazy stories? 

Con amor,

Hermana Jacobsen

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